About Us

SAS Tech Services is a leading people consulting house offering services ranging from Domestic to International Recruitment, Executive Search, Counseling, Learning, Development and Training with expertise in setting up KRA and Salary Survey. Working in the field of Human Resource services since the year 2016, with an intention to not only support organisations but also help individuals grow. SAS Tech Services view’s, the people function of various organizations with the changing world, industries, societies and people in mind. Hence any individual or organization seeking help is never left unaided and is shown or advised a beneficial grown path We are committed to Human Resource function that is integrated with business objectives.

Mission & Vision

Continuous strive to maintain excellence in serving the industry with customized best HR practices and services by our genuine committed and domain expert team.

Service to industry and individual with finest business practices towards transformational, significant, visible and accelerated growth towards their own vision.

Our Bond

At SAS Tech Services, what bonds us together is our value system based on “4P” principle: Pride in what we do, Passion towards our work, Practicability of our solution, and Participation in solving client issues as a part of their internal system.

Our Approach

  • We operate as an extension of your company’s business – assisting at a grass root level across all HR issues
  • Providing a 'hands-on' approach to everyday HR activities
  • We are sensitive to the complexities of business, yet driven to deliver a consistent, transparent and measurable delivery model.
  • We go to extraordinary lengths and beyond commitments to help our clients succeed.
  • We adopt a Collaborative approach aimed at strengthening organizational growth and development. As a consultant we do not believe in ‘us’ and ‘them’ syndrome.
  • Our strength is our execution ability

We believe in delivering the best suited service, tailored to your specific needs, 100% of the time, and, we are a team of HR professionals where everyone feels exactly the same way. Whether you need us to act as your internal HR department or whether you just need a hand with Performance Management issues, we will customize a solution that truly fits your unique situation.